A Complete MassMutual Life Insurance Review 2022

Dec 11, 2022 By Triston Martin


Buying life insurance is one of those unpleasant but necessary financial matters many would rather avoid considering. MassMutual may be a good alternative if you're looking for immediate-term life insurance with up to 1 million dollars in temporary coverage; however, the monthly premiums are somewhat high, and a medical exam is required. MassMutual was founded in 1851 and had its headquarters in Springfield. MassMutual provides more than just life insurance; they also have retirement plans, investment management services, and advice on financial wellness issues, including estate planning and college savings. MassMutual is a valuable tool for business owners who want to organize and administer employee benefits, including group life insurance and pensions. In this guide, we will provide a MassMutual life insurance review.

How to Choose a Policy for Your Life Insurance

Before looking at several insurance providers:

  1. Decide if you want term or whole-life coverage.
  2. Choose any optional riders for life insurance coverage.
  3. Estimate the sum of money you'll need to cover your final expenses and the length of time you'll need the insurance to protect you.
  4. Verify that the insurance companies you are considering provide the type of protection you need.
  5. Ensure the quotes you're comparing are for the same level of coverage for the same period. You should also examine the policy's medical standards to ensure they are adequate.

It's essential to make sure that the application process for each policy you're considering fits your needs. Your primary consideration in making a purchase is not the price. Check the number of customer complaints against each business, as this may indicate subpar service.

Policy Protection From MassMutual

MassMutual provides both temporary and long-term protection options for its customers.

Insurance That Only Lasts For A Certain Amount Of Time

MassMutual's Vantage Term insurance can be purchased for either a yearly renewal period (for those 18–75) or a 10- or 20-year term (for those 18–65). These can be issued with a minimum face value of $100,000 and discounts as high as $5,000,000. All or a portion of your Vantage Term policy can be converted to any permanent life product offered by MassMutual. Sometimes, you can get a full year of coverage for free while switching to a permanent policy. Regarding term policies, riders such as premium waivers and hastened death benefits are offered. You may be able to retain the coverage for any optional riders on your term insurance if you decide to convert it.

Lifetime Coverage Policies

MassMutual's whole life insurance plans provide permanent protection and accumulate cash value for the policyholder over time. Death benefits typically begin at $25,000, and applicants of any age are welcome to apply. There is no maximum quantity of coverage, but large insurance will require evidence of necessity.

Insurance That Can Be Used At Any Point In Time

This universal life insurance coverage covers you from 18 until you're 85. The first $50,000 is covered. It also has superior flexibility, which could be helpful for folks whose incomes are inconsistent.

Term Life Insurance With A Variable Premium

Variable universal life insurance provides permanent protection and adjustable premiums and gives you greater control over your policy's cash value accumulation component. Investments should be selected with a MassMutual representative to ensure they fit your needs and comfort level.

Claim Procedures for MassMutual Life Insurance

A life insurance claim can only be started with the proper paperwork. Claim forms for a loved one's passing can be requested over the phone or via the website. The claim forms can then be sent via conventional mail, fax, or electronic mail. If there are any more measures you need to take to finish the claims procedure, an examiner will send you a letter outlining them.

Approximately How Much Does MassMutual's Life Insurance Policy Cost?

Several criteria unique to each potential customer determine the cost of life insurance. Some examples of such variables are chronological age, gender, geographic location, and personal health and lifestyle choices. The results of a medical exam may determine the risk level associated with your insurance. The advantages included in the insurance, such as the accumulation of cash value and the amount of coverage you seek, also have a role in determining your premium.


MassMutual life insurance provides a wide range of life insurance options to customers around the country, including term, whole, and universal policies; nevertheless, their premiums are generally higher than those of the top-ranked businesses in our review. A medical exam is necessary to obtain several types of insurance, and so must the services of an agent or financial advisor. MassMutual has great financial soundness and receives less than average customer complaints for a company of its size, making it an excellent choice for anyone shopping for life insurance.

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